12th Reunion, 2012

Dear Friends,

New Year is an wonderful occasion when we welcome something new in our lives and at the same time, forget about all the bad memories which the passing year gave us.

 "Yesterday, everybody Smoked his last Cigar, took his last drink and swore his last oath. Today, we are pious and exemplary Community. Thirty days from now, we shall have cast our reformation to the winds and and gone to cutting our ancient Shortcoming considerably shorter than ever"

So let us make one resolution together, for the coming New Year and try always to keep, is "TO RISE ABOVE THE LITTLE THINGS".


  1. Manjit singh Chhabra was unanimously elected as President for further Period of 3 years for 2011-2014 on 16/10/2011 and, new executive body was appointed by him. List of executive body is enclosed herewith. In last BOD of 03/11/2011 & 29/11/2011 various committees were formed headed by Chairman & members for smooth operation of various activities. Name of committee, and their chairman & members is enclosed.


A. PICNIC: Winter is the time for Picnic, our association first picnic has been organized, and, will be full of entertainment, all members with their family are cordially invited.

Details are as under:


Osho Ashram
Ayur farm house
Nr. Lamheta ghat Crossing

Day, Date, Time:  Sunday, 11th December 2011 11A.M. to 4 P.M.

Cost Rs. 200 /- Per head

All member are requested to reach the Venue by their own Vehicles.


Dr. Abhijeet Mukherjee (Chairman) 9826150686
Dr. Sunil Behl         9425323665
Mr.Animesh Verma 9425154309
Mr.Ranjay Madan    9300122761

B. Series of Cricket matches & Badminton Tournament has been  scheduled in upcoming    

Months.Those member who are interested in participating in the games, please, forward your names to Sport’s Committee.


Mr. Raminder Chopra.(Chairman)  9300928777
Mr. Pradeep Naidu     9425151807
Dr. Sunil Behl            9425323665
Mr. Amit  Vishwas
Mr. Priyavat Tiwari     9425159777
Dr. Umesh Gulati       9827250540

C. As per our objective of our association to serve the Community at large, we have organized a “ Blood Donation Camp” in association with Guru Teg Bahudur  Khalsa College, Jabalpur, Shrimad Rajchandra Atmatatva  research Centre,Mumbai, Jabalpur  Chapter & Medical College Jabalpur.

Details of Programme:

Venue: Guru Teg Bahudur Khalsa College Mahanada, Madan Mahal, Jabalpur.

Day Date Time: Wednesday, 21st Dec.2011 at 10:30 A.M.


Student of Khalsa College, members of Shrimad Rajchandra Atmatatva Research Centre & our Association have Volunteered to donate blood for this noble cause, further it is an appeal to all members to donate blood generously & make this event successful.


Dr.Shabbir Hussain (Chairmen)  9425152651
Dr. Sudhir Yadav    9424626087
Mr.Asgar Ali           9425150786
Mr. Ranjay Madan   9300122761
Dr. Pervez Ahmed Siddiqui  9827319696
Mrs.Indrajit Kaur Talwar      9329885285
Dr. Deepak Sahu   9425152442     

D. Much awaited XIIth Reunion meet will again be celebrated at NERBUDDA CLUB GROUND, CANTT on Saturday 21st Jan 2012, which will be full of entertainment programme viz dance, games, music with delicious foods & cock tails.

Organsing Committee:

Mr.Sanjay Seth (Convener)  9425155918
Mr. Raminder Chopra   9300928777
Mr.Ranjay Madan        9300122761
Mr. Sandeep Vijan      9826801977
Mr. Asgar Ali              9425150786
Mr. Pradeep Naidu      9425151807
Mr. Animesh Verma    9425154309
Dr. Umesh Gulati        9827250540
Mr. Mohit Chatterjee  9300378838   



1. Member Entry Pass Single Cost 350/= Each.

2. Children Entry Pass Single Cost 300/= Each. (5Yrs to 12 Yrs)

Special Note:

1. Sale of 1st 300Nos of Entry Passes will be sold at Rs.350/= Each & subsequent Entry passes will be charged at 400/= per person uptill 18th Jan 2012 & from 19/01/2012 to 21/01/2012 entry passes will be charged at 500/= per person.

2. Entry to the Function shall be restricted at the gate without Entry Pass.

We hope you shall participate actively to make the above event a grand success.


Manjit Singh Chhabra                 Chandresh P.Vira                          Rakesh Madan

President                                         Hon. Secretary                                Treasurer

Mb: 9301330549                            Mb: 9425156986                             Mb: 9827357556


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