School History
The Christ Church Schools were founded in the year 1870 as Church Schools, a distinction they continue to enjoy. At present, the school functions under the Board of Education, Church of North India, Jabalpur Diocese, Jabalpur. The Rt. Rev. Dr. Prem Chand Singh is the Chairman of the Board. The education imparted is based essentially on the quintessence of Christian ideals and principles. The School has served the society with extreme care, love and dedication to improve the lot of its children.

The Christ Church Boys’ Senior Secondary School, Jabalpur, aims at providing an all round training in character-building thorough disciplined corporate life, especially in maintaining discipline and standard aimed at by the school.

The School is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi under the Affiliation No. 1030047 with the subject options of Science and Commerce Streams. The School also imparts education in Computer Studies.

At present Mr. Ladlie Mathew is the Principal of the School, which enjoys the strength of 3,000 students and 101 members on the teaching and office staff.

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